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Temporary storage

Residential Moving and Storage

Sometimes when you’re moving you need to arrange temporary storage for your belongings.

Whatever the reason – different closing dates, construction delays, or something else – StoneBriar Moving Services has the moving and storage solution you need. We offer cost-effective, secure storage for your belongings. For more information contact our Customer service at: 469-423-9000

Self – Storage Made Easy

Need premium Self-Storage units for a great price?

Contact StoneBriar Moving Services today to remove the clutter from your space and store what’s important to you. StoneBriar Moving secure self- storage has several locations conveniently located across the DFW – Metroplex for your Residential, Business and Commercial Storage needs.

  • Choice: Wide range of sizes from 25 to 2,000 square feet
  • Security – video surveillance, fenced premises, on-site manager.
  • Climate-Control: heated and unheated units available.