Box FAQs section provides the answers you need.

At StoneBriar Moving Services we know you have a lot taking place, all at once. A move starts with a plan and doesn’t end until the last box is unpacked. To help with some of the more frequently asked questions, we have put together a Box FAQs section below for your convenience.

Which areas do you deliver?
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We deliver to Plano, McKinney, Allen, Wylie, Pilot Point and North Dallas areas.
Can I have the boxes delivered to my work place?
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Unfortunately, we can not deliver boxes to your work place. However, you can provide details on where you want us to drop off the boxes at your home or apartment complex on the order form. Please note, we cannot deliver the boxes if the location you specify is not weatherproof, secure or accessible.
Where do I purchase moving boxes?
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You can purchase moving boxes on our website by clicking the following link Buy Boxes & Supplies.
What if I purchase too many boxes?
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It’s okay, StoneBriar Moving Services has the perfect solution. We buy back used and unused moving boxes that you purchased from us originally. Click on the following link to learn more about our Buy Back Option Return Boxes
How do I know how many moving boxes I should purchase?
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First be assured, we will accept the unused boxes you purchased from us, for a refund. Secondly, we have put together packages based on the size the move. We have packages ranging from 1-2 bedrooms moves all the way up to packages for 6 bedroom move.
What if if I don’t purchase enough moving boxes?
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You can purchase additional boxes at anytime. Also, if you need assistance when place your order, simply call and speak to one of our experienced Customer Service Representatives. They are available to help!