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Moving Supplies

Full-Service Packing

We offer a wide array of boxes and packing supplies, including but not limited to specialty boxes for lamps and flat screen tv’s. We provide furniture protection and covering, wood floor protection, and banister, entryway, and major doorway protection.

In addition, to make your move as convenient for you as possible, we supply an unlimited amount of packing tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, and Styrofoam inserts to maximize box space and properly and safely pack and move your belongings.

Prices for this service start as low as $129 per hour for three professional packers.

Diligence, Teamwork, and Experience

At Stonebriar Moving Services, we use the latest equipment and we are continually asking
ourselves, “How can we do it better?”. We are not content with the status quo. We want
every move to be completed as safely, efficiently, and effectively as possible.

Our teams have been through extensive training and on-going team-building exercises. Because we know the caliber of their performance is stellar, we stand by them as the best in the industry.

At Stonebriar Moving, we know from years of experience that you only get one first impression so we aim to make ours impactful, unforgettable. We ensure our movers are uniformed, well-equipped, timely, clean-cut, well-practiced in good communication, and well-mannered.