Moving to Dallas? Here’s what you need to know

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Dallas, Texas, appears to be the ideal combination of big-city anonymity and homegrown hospitality. So, whether you want to move your belongings to the heart of a bustling metropolis or establish roots in a friendly neighborhood, best thing to do is contact Stonebriar Moving Services. Moving to Dallas is certainly exciting, but there is so much work to be done.

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This guide will teach you everything you need to know about relocating to Dallas, Texas.

Everything you need to know!

You’re excited to see everything Dallas offers, but it might differ slightly from what you’re used to. So, what makes Dallas unique from your current city, and what are its advantages?


You’ll be right at home if you plan to drive to Dallas. Residents frequently drive around the city and its surrounding suburbs, which is a significant convenience for some despite some traffic trouble.

If you prefer not to deal with the hassles of owning a car in the city, you may discover that the Dallas Area Rapid Transit system provides all of the rail and bus services you require. 

Living expenses 

This Dallas relocation guide would be incomplete if it did not include information on the cost of living in this area of the country. For those who want to compare their finances in this city versus another, here are some essential facts to know:

  • According to Nerd Wallet, the average annual salary in Dallas is around $42,000.
  • Texas has no income tax, implying that you have more money in your wallet. However, property taxes and the slightly higher 8.25 percent sales tax in this state will likely balance things out.
  • Young families looking to buy a home in Dallas will find that the average price for a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home is around $400,000.

Before moving to Dallas, you should ask about this kind of information, and who better than us can provide you with that. We know the whole area and can give you some good advice about living here or exciting places to visit so that you are well prepared. And not only…

Our dependable Dallas movers can provide you professional moving services from the beginning to the end of this new journey. So you don’t have to worry about a single thing. We got your back!

Crime Rate in Dallas 

With 58,488 reported incidents in 2020, Dallas’ total crime rate is 83 percent higher than the national average. Robbery, vehicle theft, and break-ins are the most common crimes.

You have a one-in-119 chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime if you move here and a one-in-30 probability of becoming a victim of a property crime. Furthermore, Dallas is safer than only 5% of American cities.

This city currently has a total crime rate of 4,292 per 100,000 residents. The violent crime rate is 844, and the property crime rate is 3,447, respectively.

Furthermore, the total daily crime rate is 11.76. The daily violent crime rate is 2.31, and the daily rate of property crime is 9.44.

All these crime rates are higher than Texas and national averages.


Aside from factors such as job opportunities, access to green space, and the dining scene, the people who live in a city contribute significantly to its uniqueness. How important is diversity to you when moving to a new city? What is the demographic makeup of Dallas? Here are some fascinating statistics from the US Census Bureau: 

  • Dallas is a predominantly white city (62.7 %)), with Hispanic or Latino residents constituting the second largest population (41.8 %).
  • The city’s age range is 32, and the population is equally divided between males and females.

By moving thousands of clients to Dallas, we have spotted that besides that Dallas’s population keeps growing yearly, 56.4 % are English speakers, and 37.9 % speak Spanish. 

Our moving specialists are known for their professionalism and constant availability for clients. So if you want to ask about the new location, don’t hesitate. 

Education In Dallas

Dallas, Texas, is a city that has seen an increase in population in recent years, which should come as no surprise given its plentiful job opportunities, numerous activities to enjoy, such as historical landmarks and nightlife, and its beautiful inner-city housing architecture.

Because of the large number of people moving to Dallas, housing prices are expected to rise in the coming years, so don’t wait too long to make your move! We are only a phone call away if you need assistance moving your belongings and settling into student life.

Some of the best colleges are:

  • University of North Texas at Dallas.
  • Texas Christian University.
  • University of Texas at Dallas.
  • University of Dallas.
  • Southwestern Adventist University.
  • University of Texas at Arlington.
  • University of North Texas.
  • Texas Christian University.

Some of the best universities are:

  • The University of Texas at Austin
  • University of North Texas
  • Southern Methodist University
  • William Marsh Rice University
  • Texas A&M University
  • University of Houston
  • University of North Texas
  • Baylor University

If you are a new student who is so excited to start a new chapter but you don’t want to take care of the messy moving situation, just give us a call, and we will pack all your stuff. 

Entertainment and nightlife

Are you wondering if Dallas can keep up with your insatiable appetite for mingling, inventive cuisine, and all things entertaining? Leisure and nightlife activities are not the only factors to consider when relocating, but they are something to keep in mind.

Here’s a taste of what might keep you entertained on a Saturday night or during the week:

  • Sloane’s Corner
  • Fiction Coffee
  • Revelers Hall 

Best neighborhoods

It may be challenging to determine which parts are appropriate for you when moving to Dallas.

However, our moving company will assist you from the beginning by taking care of everything.

There are numerous character-filled neighborhoods in Dallas to choose from, and our Dallas movers are well-versed in them.

Here’s a rundown of some of the city’s most exciting corners to keep an eye on:

  • Uptown Dallas
  • M Streets
  • Oak Lawn

Dallas Moving Company

Wherever you end up, a change of scenery should bring you more joy than fear. Although moving to Dallas is bound to cause a few hiccups, let we can assist you in making the transition as smooth as possible.

Stonebriar Moving Services experts will be in charge till the last box is unpacked. They’ll put you in touch with furnished and even pet-friendly apartments throughout Dallas, TX where you can live as much as you want.

What exactly are you waiting for? Contact our Dallas movers as soon as possible to begin enjoying your dream home.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Dallas

What industry is Dallas known for?

In the Dallas area, the top industries are technology, financial services, and law. The major industries in the Fort Worth area include oil and gas, manufacturing, aviation, and aerospace. 

What is Dallas famous for in terms of business?

Major technology companies, such as Texas Instruments and AT&T, are also headquartered in the Dallas area.

What is Dallas most famous for?

The city is well-known for its cultural offerings, which include opera, ballet, musicals, and symphony concerts.

What part of Dallas is best to live in?

The 8 Best Neighborhoods in Dallas, Texas are: Preston Hollow, University Park, Uptown, Lakewood, Bishop Arts District, Lake Highlands , White Rock, Deep Ellum


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