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g1How it works?

Do you have unused moving boxes laying around after you’ve completed your move and finished unpacking?

StoneBriar Mover can help, we have designed a BUY BACK option to all of our customers. The Box Buy Back solution gives the customer the option of returning any used or unused moving boxes for a refund. If you are within our FREE pickup area, we will pick-up the moving boxes, and packing materials (used or unused) you have bought from us and buy them back at the prices specified below. * Boxes must be folded, taped trimmed with scissors and in a saleable condition. Enter your postcode here to find out if FREE delivery is available in your areas

g2 Check the price


For a cost-effective packing solution for our customers and a healthier planet, StoneBriar Movers will buy back the boxes you have used and purchased from us at the prices specified below.

Big Moving Box $1
Small Moving Box $0.50
Portable Wardrobe $5


There is no need to have unused moving boxes taking up space for no reason. We offer 100% buy back for all your unused StoneBriar Mover  will gladly refund the full purchase price of the following unused items you return to us:

Big Moving Box $4.90
Small Moving Box $3.50
Portable Wardrobe $16
Butcher’s Paper $8.95
Packing Tape $3.99
Tissue Paper $8.95

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We understand that unpacking takes a lot of time which is why we don’t have any time frame for returning boxes. However, before you make the request, please ensure that you have finished using the boxes and collected everything you wish to return as we are only to do a pick-up once.

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