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We Move Pianos, Organs, and More!

Pianos are very difficult to move, mostly because they are so heavy. They are unlike standard pieces of household furniture and moving them takes extraordinary expertise, so you need movers who are trained, knowledgeable, and experienced with the unusual aspects of moving something so delicate, bulky, and valuable.

Rates start as low as $225 and vary depending on the style, weight, and location of the piano. We move all types of pianos safely and we are insured.
If there is good access, Stonebriar Moving Services can move all kinds of pianos. Because our movers work full time as professional movers, they receive hours upon hours of focused training, including special training about how to move pianos. The equipment they have been trained to use includes piano dollies and heavy-duty straps. Before using this equipment, they ensure that your piano is properly wrapped and protected, and they take special care to secure it safely in the moving truck.

Stonebriar Moving Services Specialists can move

  • Full-Size Grand
  • Baby Grand
  • Large and very heavy Pianola
  • Small Student Piano
  • Upright Piano
  • Piano Organs

If stairs are involved, give us a call and we can talk about it. If the moving consultant determines that access is not suited to our crews, we recommend and then arrange for our piano moving specialist to come and either move it using his truck or load the piano onto our vehicle for our crew to deliver.

Working with our piano moving specialists avoids damage to your piano and your property as well as the property of others. Moreover, the safety of our valuable workers is ensured. Call us to schedule an appointment that works for you and our moving crew.

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