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Stonebriar Moving Services is a licensed and insured residential moving company. Our residential movers can help move your house or apartment so you can settle into your new home without the stress of moving. Call us today for a free quote or fill our quote form.


Your one stop shop

Stonebriar Moving Services offers a FULL RANGE of professional home moving services, from moving a whole house or suite of offices to simply moving furniture from one room to another. We offer professional, courteous service every time, whether you’re moving one heavy piece of furniture from one room to another or the whole family to another state. Let us reduce your worry and stress about moving. We have over twenty years of moving experience (fourteen in the DFW area) so you can trust we know what we are doing. We’ve seen it all! And we can manage your entire move, from packing everything carefully to unpacking just as carefully in your new location.

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Candid Charges

Our fees are calculated based upon an hourly rate system and there is no minimum charge so you only pay for the hours you use. All rates are charged “pick up to drop off” from the address of your choice.

You will find that our charges are completely transparent. We will always clearly and candidly explain them to you so that you will not have to worry about being charged extra for something you did not use or expect. There will be no dodgy deals; the price you see is the price you pay.

Our consultation services are Free. If you have a bigger project or need to be moved out of state, we will come out and look at the project without additional charge. We give free in-home estimates on smaller projects only when necessary, such as when we can’t give an accurate estimate over the phone.

You’ll soon see that we take pride in our straightforward, no-nonsense approach to moving and will always ensure our customers get the best deal possible.

Professional Movers

All our movers are highly-trained, qualified employees. We hire and train our own people. And we only send you movers who are committed to customer satisfaction and top-quality moving service. They are not only respectful and punctual; they are also efficient and careful because each and every one of them recognizes that your property is understandably valuable to you. So it is valuable to us!

We treat your things with as much care as if they were our own. If damages occur, we will work to rectify the situation, providing a reasonable outcome for all parties concerned.

We strive to exceed all of your expectations because Stonebriar Moving Services has built our brand on honesty, integrity, and a promise to provide the absolute best service in the industry.

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Helpful Tips

We LOVE being a resource, so we take time to educate you and recommend the best ways to handle your pre-and post-move activities. For example, we will send prepping and packing tips that can save you time, effort, and money. We can give estimates on the amount of time it will take us to wrap items and maneuver stairs.

These services take longer. So does taking furniture apart, but we are happy to do everything necessary to protect your valuable possessions both before and during the move. Preparation takes time but it ultimately saves YOU money.

With Stonebriar Moving You Are Assured

Our integrity is built upon dedication you can trust. When you hire Stonebriar Moving Services, you receive not only our stellar service, you also benefit from:

An Upfront Estimate

We are dedicated to being as informative as we can. We ask you the necessary information and provide you with answers to your questions. We are happy to clarify everything you need to know so that you will know exactly what to expect. Candid estimates are provided with all job-site evaluations.

Booking Confirmation

Communication clears up misunderstandings so when you book a move with us via the website, direct email, or by phone, we will confirm the booking via email or text, whichever you prefer.

We Take Pride in Our Service

We handle damage claims on a case-by-case basis. We also offer fully-insured moves with a small deductible. Ask for more information.

Peace of Mind

All our trucks are fully equipped with heavy-duty moving blankets, shrink wrap, floor and banister protection, and straps to secure all items.


We handle damage claims on a case-by-case basis. We also offer fully-insured moves with a small deductible. Ask for more information.


We know how to value our customers' time. That is why we assure our customers by sending a confirmation email at booking and a phone call 30 minutes prior to arrival.


Careful reassembly of any furniture that we have disassembled. All our movers carry tools for the disassembly and reassembly of your furniture at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

Easy Payment System

We offer simple payment options and straight-forward, easy-to-understand rates with no hidden charges. In short, we make paying for our excellent service as easy as possible for you; our service is simply the best!

We Make Moving Easy

We provide every kind of moving service you could possibly need. Packing, furniture disassembly, complete wrapping of furniture, moving, loading, transport, unwrapping of furniture, reassembly at your new home or office location, placement of boxes and items where belong, and we take away all trash! We do all of this with positive attitudes!

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With thousands of satisfied office and residential moves completed, we at Stonebriar Moving Services can save you time and money and ensure your peace of mind!